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13 Tips to Jump-Start the New Year!

So, it’s January (almost February). What now? It’s the beginning of a fresh and exciting year, but we all want to start off productive right? A new year for new goals to make and accomplishments to achieve. The big question is: where do you start?

Well, the answer is vast. We are all so different, with different goals, quirks, and ideas of where we want to be a year from now, going into 2017. So, down below, in the spirit of including everyone, I have included a few different categories and some Winter-early-Spring tips!

Home Maintenance:

  • If you have a monthly, seasonal, or quarterly maintenance calendar, check it out! if you don’t have one, consider creating one for your household.
  • Consider updating your insurance. If you have made any big purchases, upgrades, or additions this last year, consider talking with your home-insurance agent to see if there are options for covering your new toys!
  • Check for storm damage, and consider fixes! Especially with the roller-coaster of a season we’ve been having, taking a walk around the outside of your home and property can’t be a bad thing! Who knows, maybe you’ll find something before it becomes and issue!
  • Clean out your rain gutters! I don’t know about you, but my home is surrounded by trees – meaning they always get filled with debris after a big storm! That’s why I clean out my gutters (at least) four times per year. Now, that may seem a bit overboard, but it may extend the life of the gutters, and reduce risks to both my house and the Underground French Drain system.

Spring-into-Spring Cleaning!

  • Handling holiday cleanup can be messy and time consuming. But when it’s done, you’ll feel a whole lot better! Taking a day, or eve a few hours a week, to clean up and put your home back together can make a world of refreshing difference.
  • Create a list of things you want to clean out this Spring (for Spring cleaning). My list includes making numerous trips to Goodwill, tearing apart my extra closets (where accumulated stuff has been hanging out), and
  • Do a deep-clean declutter! For cleaning-bugs, this one will be a real treat! Take a peek, or a walk, around your home and look for things you either don’t use anymore, have never used, or don’t plan on using in the future. You could sell it on trading or resale websites, or just donate it a cause. Donating helps both you (get rid of it with minimal effort) and helps the other party who may be needing that exact item!

Remember, if you don’t want to do any of this – you don’t have too! Calling in a pro may cost more, but it frees up time for you to do the other things you love!

January Gardening Tips:

  • Recycle an old holiday tree into mulch for your garden! You can also use them as a DIY bird-feeding station.
  • Start sprouting! Sprouting now is a great way to jump-start your harvest season!
  • If you haven’t already, prune your rose and fruit bushes, and consider trimming trees and hedges.
  • Organize your seeds and create a list of seeds you would like to order, or purchase.
  • Consider servicing your tools, such as your lawnmower, weed-wacker, and tree trimmer; and clean your everyday gardening tools, like your shovel, rakes, and held tools.
  • On the warmer days, venture out and pull weeds out of you garden. You may consider spraying for moss, tidying borders, and take steps to ensure healthy and nutritious soil.

So, there you have it! Some tips for staying busy in the new year! While these are great places to start, creating your own list will help you cater to what your home needs. What would you like to accomplish in the upcoming year?

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