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Top 2017 Cost VS Value Report project for the Pacific Region: Upscale Garage Doors

Adding upscale garage doors to your home can definitely give your home an instant facelift, increasing its curb appeal immensely. In fact, upscale garage doors are the second highest project in the Cost VS Value Report for the Pacific Region. The return on investment for adding garage doors tops out at 110.8% recouped!

Houzz Contributor, Laura Gaskill, compiled this helpful Story with the need-to-know facts about replacing your garage doors. Weather should not be too much of a factor, as long as it’s not freezing out and you are not painting. This is a job that can be tackled by a professional installer in the matter of a few hours. Included in this helpful guide is information on door materials, types of doors, project length including order time for custom doors, and projected costs.

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