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Top 2017 Cost VS Value Report project for the Pacific Region: Engineered Stone Veneer

Including stone on your home’s exterior adds texture and interest to your house. And with today’s engineered stone veneer options, the installation is not as expensive or invasive as it used to be. In fact, this particular task placed in the top 3 projects listed in the Cost VS Value report for the Pacific Region, with 106.7% of the project cost recouped!

Houzz Contributor, Bud Dietrich, authored a Story about the potential stone has for improving the appearance of your home. He features a variety of architectural styles where stone has been added to the exterior to enhance its aesthetic. Stone can be used to add color, for emphasis, used as a decorative. Engineered stone veneer is so versatile, it’s even come indoors for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms!

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