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Seattle Bike Show this Weekend: March 4th & 5th

After a week of clouds, rain, and that little flurry of snow, Saturday is gearing to be a partially sunny day! Are you looking for something outdoors – to enjoy the little sun – or are you looking for something indoors…? This weekend has tons of amazing events and activities for you to enjoy – either as an individual or as family!

The Seattle Bike Show is an awesome example of everything “bike”. Held at the Century Link Field Event Center, this event is “geared” towards the entire family! Regular admission is only $12 + $1, while anyone under 17 has free admission! Some of our vendors include, Apline Hut, Adventure Ready, Cycle Oregon, Darigold, King County Parks, Seattle E Bike, the Seattle Times, and Smith Brothers Farms. Together, these exhibitors collaborate for fun events including, new gear expos, fundraising rides, bike test ares, and so much more – take a peek at the schedule here! Buy tickets here! 

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