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Rainy Day Activities this Weekend: March 18th & 19th

It’s cold outside… and rainy. But that shouldn’t stop your fun! Though the rain is expected to die down by Sunday, it plans on picking back up again throughout next week – just in time to welcome Spring! So, I thought this would be a great time to bring out some updated tips for home maintenance during the raining season!

Here are some tips for completing home check ups in the rain!

  • Stay as Dry & Warm as Possible: Now, this may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s important to not get “soaked to the bone” when playing in the water. Being soaked through may increase your chances of getting sick.
  • Proper Clothing: When working outdoors, we want to make sure we have the best gear! Proper footwear, gloves, pants, layered shirts, and a rain jacket will both keep you toasty and dry.

Now, on to the home tips!

  • Check for loose, leaky, or broken gutters. When gutters don’t drain correctly, they can back up, opening up a whole new list of issues and possible damages, including roof leaks and foundation damage. Cleaning out your gutters are least once or twice per year will provide valuable insight of how easily they clog up. If you have a French Drain, checking on those will also help clear water from your property, and into storm drains.
  • Deck Maintenance. Water can do heaps of damage to your wood deck, so checking it annually is a great way to keep on top of possible issues. Make sure to power-wash fallen leaves, branches, and other debris, left over from winter.
  • Inspect your roof. Catching issues before they become problems is a homeowners dream. Not only will it decrease other related damages, but it will probably be cheaper to repair.
  • Check concrete path and walkways for cracks. 
  • Evaluate your lawn equipment. Making sure your mower, weed-wacker and other tools are in top working order, will help you down the road. Spring and Summer are prime times for lawn maintenance, so
  • Adjust your in-ground lawn and garden watering system. Many watering systems have been winterized for the season, so coming back and checking for damages or clogs, and setting up your Spring routine, may be a something to consider.

I wouldn’t suggest doing any of these in the rain, but taking those rare sunny days to do a quick check will put your mind at ease. During those long, rainy days, indoor tasks may be better suited. Here are some tips for indoor maintenance ideas you may consider:

  • Boost appliance efficiency. Doing an annual (or semi-annual) check up on your appliances can help boost efficiency, and decrease energy bills. Dirty HVAC filters, AC units, and clogged refrigerator coils can both decrease efficiency and cause the machine to give out more quickly, increasing energy and service bills.
  • Double, double checking your fire & carbon monoxide alarms. 
  • Ensure your sump pump is functioning properly. Some houses have them, some don’t, but if your does, this will be an excellent time to ensure it sees proper maintenance and activates properly.
  • Clean out your refrigerator and medicine cabinets. Throwing away old food and medicine, will make way for new items and ensure that you have the basics (and that they are within date).
  • And… don’t forget your taxes!
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