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Arcade Lights at Pike Place this Weekend: March 25th & 26th

Pike Place Market has been a staple on Seattle since the turn of the century – and in June 2017 opens up with the fancy new upgrades. In its early days, Pike Place Market saw farmers bring their vegetables, fruit, dairy, eggs, and meat to sell as Settle grew into a thriving metropolis. On its original, grand opening day, the market ran out of produce within minutes – and that is how Pike Place Market skyrocketed into a international attraction.

Today, Pike Place Market remains a hub of local farmersartisan foods, homemade crafts, the arts, shopping and so much more. This weekend, “Pike Place” is hosting one of its many events: Arcade Lights – a local spectacle of artisan food, craft beer, cider, tastings, and over 70 of Seattle tip-top vendors! What’s even better? Arcade Lights benefits seniors and families in “the Market”.

Though not free, and 21+, this event will make a fun evening. Hosted between 7pm and 10pm, on the eve of March 24, this event will gift you with fun times and a full tummy – all in the name of preserving our community! Curious about buying tickets? Click here!

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