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Mother's Day this Weekend: May 13th & 14th

The forecast is gearing for rain this weekend, and moving into next, with an average of over 60% of rain each day. Don’t let that deter you though, there are a ton of fun activities going on the Greater Seattle Region – and, better yet, many of them are indoors!

Why are some of these amazing activities indoors, you may ask?

mothers-day-1372456Because, it Mothers’ Day Weekend!

Here’s a list of suggestions for creating the perfect weekend for anyone!

  • Mother’s Day Brunch (any other meals!): OpenTable has created a list of restaurants that are offering Mother’s Day specials! Check them out! There’s a large array of cuisines, so anyone’s taste buds are about to be satisfied!
  • Mother’s Day on the Waterfront: Seattle is opening for free parking on various garages along the waterfront. Check out the details here! Not only are there numerous eateries, but antique stores, the Aquarium, and Pike Place Market!
  • The Mother’s Day Half-Marathon: For runners and walkers alike, Kirkland is hosting the Mother’s Day Half-Marathon, celebrating motherhood on every aspect! Click here for all the details!

If the weather is worrying you, don’t let it! There are tons of indoor activities for play! Or you can clean out that upstairs closet you’ve been avoiding since Winter!

If you haven’t already, you may consider planning a special day for the “mom” in your life! Whether your grandmother, mother, mother-in-law, or dog-mommy, a nice evening of a home-cooked meal may be the best present of all!

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