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5 Eateries in Bothell, Washington

Sitting around a dinner table are some of our fondest memories of family-time. But, sometimes we crave things we don’t know how to make. Or, we’re just to swamped after a long workday. So, are you curious what Bothell’s been cooking up?

These 5 Bothell-local favorites are near each other, and convenient to many Bothell neighborhoods and wonderful Northshore schools.

Patty’s Eggnest: This traditional breakfast & lunch house, has been a local favorite for a while. Have you seen the one in North Seattle?

Pho Bothell: This “hole-in-the-wall” is so much more than another Pho eatery. Simple variations to classic Pho cuisine, delight every sensation in a simple and inviting atmosphere.

Top Pot Doughnuts: A Seattle-classic, these doughnuts take your mouth on a journey through time and space. “Hand-forced” locally, and in the old-fashioned tradition, east doughnut crafted is beautiful and worth every bite!

Larry’s Smokehouse: Serving every customer with “extensive knowledge and expertise” is in their motto. They offer halves and wholes, that way you can indulge without over-indulging. Whether you’re catering a wedding, or eating a casual lunch, Larry’s Smokehouse has you covered!

Mill Creek Bugermaster: Don’t let the name fool you. The address if technical “Bothell”. For over 60 years, this restaurant has served the greater Seattle area with burgers, fries, and more! In Seattle-tradition, they don’t hide! Their website has nutrition facts, alongside their menu.

It’s time for a bonus round!

Osaka Teriyaki: This conveniently located teriyaki house, is wonderfully delicious. Fast service and freshly-made cuisine are in store for you!

No matter the cuisine, there’s something for everyone just a few blocks from home: Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian, and, of course, dessert! What are some of your local favorites?

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