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Must-Visit Eateries in Fremont, Seattle

Fremont is a beautiful community, nestled just north of Queen Anne, across the Fremont Cut of the Ship Canal in the city of Seattle. Though mostly amassed by various neighborhoods, Fremont also holds a bustling shopping district centered on Fremont Avenue North just north of the Fremont Bridge.

Because of their booming in industry, their downtown area has flourished, including many new and exciting restaurants and cafes. This list goes over 12 awesome places for you to check out!

Fremont Coffee Company: Passion and simplicity combine, creating artisan-roasted, Fair Trade, and organic coffee. Whether you’re coming in for a sip or a whole bag, each cup will tangle you delicious aromas, and a smooth, sweet, and tangy taste.

Pelmeni Dumpling Tzar: A wild and expansive menu greets you here. With salads, fries, and of course dumplings, they will envelope you in a world away.

The Red Door: A local favorite since 1988, this place holds both history and taste. Their menu has a little bit of everything, from burgers and salads, to wings and local seafood – always sustainable, of course!

El Camino: A fixture in Fremont for over 20 years, this restaurant serves authentic and homemade Mexican cuisine, with vibrancy and freshness in every bite! Their beautiful menu creates a dynamic that is both complex and enticing!

Eve: Dedicated to both beauty and nutrition create a food that is both unrefined and delicious.

Yellow Dot Café: A unique experience, every time, this café breathes life into the humdrum of our mornings. Their expansive menu accommodates any hungry person – as well as a spectacular coffee bar!

Falafel Salam: Authentic and bold flavors, made from local and fresh ingredients, create a genuine experience. Think organic, free-range meats, sustainable sourcing, and a fun work culture and you will epitomize this company.

Jai Thai: This family-style restaurant offers a culinary journey to Thailand, all in the comfort of Seattle! By using fresh ingredients and well-balanced recipes, they’ve created an exciting and authentic menu!

Silence Heart Nest: In 1986, a visionary inspired to open a small vegetarian restaurant in the University District, creating a space that is both welcoming and beautiful. From curries, salads, wraps, and delicious breakfast foods, they’ve outdone themselves!

Chiso: Opened in 2001, Chiso has made a tradition of creating traditional Japanese cuisine. High quality mixes with innovation, allowing creativity to persevere in this ever-changing world. They use seasonal and local ingredients, in addition to traditional fish from Japanese, to offer a captivating experience.

Pie: Hand-crafted daily, these pies are made with the freshest ingredients and homemade goodness. Both savory and sweet, they have a few staples of each and a ton on rotation!

Fainting Goat: Small and family owned, their gelato is handcrafted daily to maximize freshness and excellence. They use locally sourced, seasonal fruits and nuts of only the highest quality, ensuring a smile with every bite!

With so many wonderful places to choose from, it’s a hard decision to make! But know, there are many special places hidden around the Seattle region to indulge!

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