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5 North End Activities in Mercer Island, Washington

What is something we all cherish, but don’t always indulge in? Finding our perfect recreation spots as close to home as possible. Why not hyper-focus close to home?

Mercer Island is a community of close-knit families, all striving towards similar goals: quality education, preservation of our natural beauty, and family. Some of the many ways they accomplish these things, is by providing top-tier public education, numerous parks, open spaces, and scenic roadways, and the year-round family-focused festivals and celebrations.

But, what do you do with the rest of your time?

The town center of Mercer Island is diverse and serves as the city’s celebration epicenter. Alongside our humble, downtown area is Mercerdale Park, a trailed open space, with large, grass field for play, and summer and music festivals.

East of downtown is the Gallagher Hill Open Space. A heavily treed space, there are two short interconnecting trails that run through and alongside the I-90 Express.

Northwest and across I-90, you will find the renowned Luther Burbank Park. This massive park has room for all and spaces for everything. Whether you’re booking at room at the Mercer Island Community & Events Center, visiting and participating in the Mercer Island Pea-Patch Community Garden, playing tennis, or any number of other activities.

Remember when I said everyone? I think I’ve forgotten someone…

Luther Burbank is also equipped with a multi-acre off-leash dog park. The main portion offers a beachside area, in addition to a smaller small dog portion. Sand and the shores of Lake Washington provide ample activity for you and your furry best friend. Tired of the sand? Check out Calkins Point, or any of the large green spaces or miles of paved/gravel paths.

Even further west is the Aubrey David Park and the I-90 Lid Park. An excellent choice for the entire family, the Aubrey David Park bestows sweeping Seattle views, two softball fields, four tennis courts, 2 playground areas, 2 outdoor basketball courts, plenty of open space to roam, and a picnic shelter for gatherings.

Looking for a bite to eat? How about the Roanoke Inn? Originally built in 1914 by George Macguire, the Roanoke Inn holds the title of the oldest business on Mercer Island. Built a block away from the old ferry terminal, the inn served as hub for locals and visitors alike.

Built on a reputation of delicious delights, a welcoming atmosphere, and variety, the inn 1914 ethics, rings true today. Though it’s adapted through the years, it still acts of local attraction for locals and visitors from across the water and beyond. The Roanoke Inn was registered as a historical landmark in 1976.

Mercer Island is a city rich with culture, history, and beauty. Whether you live on-island or across the bridge, the island serves as a fabulous place to visit, live, and dream.

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