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Bellevue’s Rejuvenated Downtown Park

We are here to shine a brilliant spotlight on the newly renovated Downtown Bellevue Park. This 20-acre urban oasis, is in the heart of Bellevue, between Bellevue Square Mall and old-Bellevue. Rapid growth prompted Bellevue leaders to evaluate their city’s potential and opportunities. In 1983, the City of Bellevue acquired 17 acres from the Bellevue School District and a subsequent 4 acres in following years.

The design was devised by local business and residents, by surveying what they envisioned for the park. Through their contributions, the circular promenade was defined. A pedestrian-focused park, free of encroaching buildings and full of beauty was constructed.

Recently, new inspirations and renovations have taken place. Coined as “Finishing the Circle”, this newly expanded park incorporates the original design with new community-drive additions.

After a year of construction, the park had their official unveiling in June of 2017.

The plans called for the Inspiration Playground, brought to us by the Rotary Club of Bellevue, and a circular promenade and grand entry to the south of the part. Other updates include a water feature and terraced seating, stairways and accessible paths.

If you’re gearing for a downtown Bellevue excursion, be sure to incorporate some park-time! Centrally located, you can easily access the many parts of Bellevue that make it unique!

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