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Bite of Seattle this Weekend: July 22nd & 23rd

Just a bite…

Seattle’s Bite of Seattle includes the participation of over 60 local restaurants, cooking demos, entertainment, and much more! Seattle foodies gather at the Seattle Center in search of variety, entertainment, and education. And this event offers just that!

All around the center, you’ll find live entertainment, games, cook-offs, and Seattle bites! An eclectic array is scheduled across the three stages, including jazz, pop, acoustic, country, rock, and dance groups. The main grass proves center-stage of everything, with a mix of foods, crafts, and the epicenter of entertainment. And if it gets too hot, take a run through the International Fountain!

While food trucks line the West side, between the main area and Key Arena, restaurants will fill much of the main grass, and specialty foods round out the north end. More foods crowd the Mural Lawn & Entertainment Stage on the south side, near the Children’s Theatre. Inside the Armory, and it’s nearby buildings are kids’ activities, games, entertainment, and even more food! Basically, turn around and they’ll be food!

Worried you won’t find your preference? They’ve noted their vendors sell •a variety, but if you’re still speculative, you can check out their selection on their website.

With FREE admission, that means more money for food and fun at this event. From food to shopping, this ginormous fair offers everyone what they’re searching for.

The event is live all weekend, including Friday (today) and Saturday from 11am-9pm, and Sunday 11am-8pm. The Alley at the Groupon Bite of Seattle will be open Friday through Sunday from 11am-7pm, while supplies last and proceeds benefit Food Line, which “helps feed the hungry in Western Washington. More information can be found on their website.

Considering the weather is set to be overcast, but still in the 70s, you’ll want to grab a light outer layer, but be comfortable carrying as the sun peaks through.

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