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5 Ways to Indulge in the Sun in Bellevue, Washington

The sun has been consistently shining for a few weeks now, and doesn’t appear to be letting up any time soon (yay!) This week, we’re heading into 80s territory some the weekend.

So, what have you been doing with all this Pacific Northwest sun-time?

As part of their expansion and growth plan, the city of Bellevue has written in several beautification projects to preserve the cities cityscape. Even with their expected growth, you can be assured natural beauty won’t be sacrificed.

What are some of those awesome outdoor activities?

Botanical Gardens

The Bellevue Botanical Gardens are an inner-city escape, surrounded by wildlife and Northwest foliage. This urban refuge is comprised of 53-acres of gardens, restored wood and wetlands, and only a short distance from your front door. Various trails guide your journey through the expanse, and offer a naturally serene oasis.

Check out their website, as they offer classes, plant sales, memberships, learning opportunities, and local events and celebrations.

Across the water from Mercer Island, rests Bellevue’s Mercer Slough Nature Park. With 7+ miles of trail, an environmental and visitors center, picnic areas, and waterfront area, with canoe launch, this park has it all. They even have a blueberry farm along the Heritage Loop Tail! You can purchase fresh blueberries, just like if you were at the Farmer’s Market!  Exploring over 320 of wildlife habitat may seem intimidating, but you may consider checking out their Guided Canoe Tours of Free Guided Ranger Walks.

Downtown Bellevue Park

Also along the water, near downtown Bellevue, is Meydenbauer beach Park. Although they are currently in Phase 1 of a massive re-design, they are planning a scheduled completion date of Fall 2018 – so, it’s only a year or so away. Keep up-to-date with their Planning & Development page. These new plans outline beautiful additions to the current trail and waterfront park attraction. Renovation include a viewing terrace, play area, beach house, PPV launch, whaling building, pedestrian pier, daylight channel, ravine, and area restoration.

Closer in, the Kelsey Creek Farm preserves the “country feel” native to the area. Built on 150 areas of meadows, forests, and natural wetlands, Kelsey Creek Farm give otherwise urban dwellers the opportunity to live in the city’s rural history. Sinking into the history of Kelsey Creek, the farm dates to the 1930’s. Home to ponies, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, rabbits, and waterfowl, opportunities are endless with farm tours and classes!

Pigs at Farm

Day camps and farm programs offer opportunities for unique recreation, or learning a new hobby. You can even host your next company event or family reunion here! Their rental page has all the details.

Visiting this farm, is like stepping into history. By preserving the sites natural resources, the farm can provide rich, historical, and educational experiences.

While less than outdoors, the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue is centrally located. While enjoying the excursion of mall-walking, you can also venture over to the Bellevue City-Crossroad Park. Complete with a water-spray feature and playground, this area is perfect for families of all ages to enjoy, indulge, and play.

Family FunWith over 34 acres of amenities, which include (4) tennis courts, basketball courts, a skate bowl, picnic areas, jogging paths, water playground, par-3 golf course, seasonal community gardens, and a full-service community center, this park is packed with fun. Only a stone’s throw away from the Crossroads Mall, you can enjoy a leisurely day at the park, then cool-off and re-fuel inside! The Strawberry Festival is held here annually.

Both the Crossroads Community Center and the Bellevue Youth Theatre, both located at Crossroads Park,  offer artistic and active opportunities for children of all ages.

Now that we’ve made our way around the city will exiting activities in tow, what will you do? And if these don’t catch your fancy, which Bellevue or Eastside activities are your favorite standbys?

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