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HiveBoxx: Moving Made Easy

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Local real estate broker Wesley Rankin has a theory about real estate transactions. He calls it the “hive theory.” Just like the inner workings of a bee hive, the buying and selling of a home involves many people – from architects, to builders and construction workers, to real estate agents, stagers, photographers, cleaners, repairmen, plus all the people who make lending and insurance possible. And don’t forget about the move! Home buyers and sellers work with this busy hive of professionals to establish their goal of homeownership.

HiveBoxx, which offers rentable eco boxes for moving, grew from Rankin’s quest to make the move component of a residential real estate transaction smoother. With a decade’s worth of experience as a real estate broker, Rankin has a copious amount of experience assisting clients coordinate moves. With all the factors involved, this is often the part of the transaction that fails to meet client expectations. He knew there must be a better way to approach moving.

HiveBoxx evolved from a wish to reality with research, and relationships with savvy vendors. The company, at its most basic level, is a rental service for moving boxes. The eco-boxes offer a sturdy, earth-friendly option for a move with reusable boxes made from 100% post-consumer plastic. You order a delivery of the boxes 48 hours before your packing session will begin. The boxes are delivered by a HiveBoxx employee and you can then commence with packing. When you are finished with your move, the boxes will be picked up. Easy peasy!

The containers are retail grade eco-boxes with hinged lids and the ability to be easily marked to accommodate your preferred moving system. Rankin found a U.S. vendor to make the boxes, who also designed a special dolly system to perfectly fit them. “It was important to me to find a U.S. vendor to make our eco-boxes,” Rankin explained. “Each box has ‘Made in the US’ stamped on them.” The material used to manufacture the boxes was also an important consideration – it had to originate from recycled materials to meet Rankin’s standard, and be able to stand up to the abuse of multiple moves.

This startup company is young – about a year old – but has begun to meet a great need in our hot Seattle area housing market. HiveBoxx currently specializes in “micro-moves” for spaces with 2 bedrooms or less, within the Seattle area. They have partnered with local moving companies for larger residential moves. They have partnerships with Dolly, your Move Anything App, along with Gentle Giant, Hansen Brothers Moving & Storage, Seattle Movers, Adam Moving and Storage, and Gigantic Moving and Storage. HiveBoxx is the concierge of your move and coordinates the moving labor with their partners for these larger moves.

Probably your first question is how much does this rental service cost. Use of HiveBoxxes for your move run from $99 (for a studio) all the way up to $350 for a 5-bedroom residence for a week-long rental, including deliver and pick up of the boxes. There are options for additional weeks’ rental of the boxes, which range from $20 to $100 per week. You can access HiveBoxx’s full price list here.

Rankin has found his passion in the HiveBoxx concept – and has dynamic plans for expansion of the services the company offers. He wants to grow this company into a one-stop, earth-friendly shop for moving. After beta testing, they started offering Essential Kits. The most popular one is the Whole Hive Essentials Kit ($199) for cleaning a home upon move out or move in. You pick out your preferred cleaning products and scents, the Essentials Kit is delivered for use by you or your preferred cleaning professional. You even get to keep the HiveBoxx it’s delivered in.

Other Essential Kits include a bathroom ($79) and kitchen ($119) kit, which include those must-have items we often forget to leave unpacked during a move. HiveBoxx even sells in their shop tech essentials to help your new home be smarter.

Rankin said as the popularity of HiveBoxx has grown in the Seattle Region, local real estate brokers have been giving their clients gift cards for moving box rentals, or essential kits, as closing gifts. Brokers will be interested to know that, in the near future, HiveBoxx will include in its concierge service the ability to hire cleaners to clean a property before or after closing.

With all this talk about hives, you may be wondering if bees benefit at all from the HiveBoxx company. They do! Currently, 1% of net profit are donated to organizations dedicated to protecting honeybees. The company has a plan in place to grow their giving by a percentage point or two per year until they reach their goal of 10%. HiveBoxx aims to include community garden building into their commitment to give back to the community and support bees.

If you would like to learn more about HiveBoxx check out their website, along with their FAQ section.  For additional information, you can send an email to or call at  888-615-2699.

For those who have used HiveBoxx before, please share your experience in the comment section!

Photo Credit: Photos provided by HiveBoxx.

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