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Seafair Torchlight Parade and More this Weekend: July 29th & 30th

Although this morning seems a bit dreary, the weather-people says it’ll clear by this afternoon, before heading into a weekend of high-70 degree weather. “In the park” seems to be the theme as of late, so what will you do?

This weekend marks the 68th anniversary for the Alaska Airlines Seafair Torchlight Parade, where over one-hundred “units march, float and dance in celebration of Seattle.” Some Seattle neighborhoods may already experience the impending weekend with preparations, but the magic starts Saturday with a parade, Seafair Torchlight Run, and live entertainment. Seattle Center and Downtown may experience heavier traffic than usual, so plan ahead!

What about something to escape the heat?

The Bellevue Square and Bellevue Arts Museum are hosting the Pacific Northwest’s “largest, award-winning arts & crafts festival” this Friday (today), Saturday, and Sunday: the Bellevue Arts Museum ARTSfair. This free event is day-long and emphasize handmade excellence by “supporting national designers, artists, and craftspeople.” Over 300 artists, showcasing unique goods and delightful arts, will gather to support one another and offer you a very unique shopping experience. Downtown Bellevue is easy to navigate and has several parking structures within a block of the museum.

What about that “in the park” thing you were talking about?

That’s right, I had mentioned the theme of nearly every Pacific Northwest summer. Summer events are fleeting (as you can tell this morning), so why not check out these outdoorsy shows?

After a long weekend of the Seattle sea breeze, dancing in the wind, and music in the park, you’ll be ready and rested for the start of another fabulous week! Work and fun can be a tough balancing act, but Seattle makes it easy with loads of summer events!

The weather moving into next week is set for low to mid eighties, so yesterday and today’s reprieve is superbly appreciated.

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