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Shoreline’s Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

Living sound-side offers hundreds of water-based recreation, one of which is Shoreline’s Richmond Beach Saltwater Park. These sandy shores are located just north of Seattle and south of Edmonds, Washington. Nestled into a quiet neighborhood, this park offers a plethora of activity for the entire family.

Looking out over the Puget Sound from Richmond Beach Saltwater Park, you’ll see the breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountain Range. Ferries, cruise ships, and freighters can also be found in the water – which may prove a fun game with your children! “Who can spot the ship?” Fly your kite, soak in the salty air, or launch your kayaks! Though it isn’t usually too crowded, people love checking out the low-tide creatures and treasures!

Though the walk to the water is over train tracks, the path is made of concrete and well-maintained. Once across, you’ll enjoy beach access and picnic tables. It’s a great place for picnic on the beach, near a quiet day out and about!

Back over the tracks and towards the parking area, the park really comes alive. Paved paths lead from the main road, down to the parking area, but their kind of steep, so watch your step! These paths connect a children’s play area, fixed workout stations, and benches if you need a break. From the park entrance above, to the lower parking area, are over 180 steps, which makes it a great place for morning workouts!

Trails along the north side offers a little off-roading fun! An addition to the 180+ steps, these short hikes are great for getting in regular exercise!

Remarkably noted as a “hidden gem” close to the city, this Shoreline beach park is great for discovering critters on the beach, getting in a good sweat, and sunset views across the sound. Since the city skyscrapers are hidden by Discovery Park’s jettison into the Sound and Golden Gardens, this quiet park rests with only nature and houses within view!

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