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12 Mouth-Watering Eateries in East Capitol Hill, Seattle

The walkability of Seattle’s Capitol Hill district has never been a secret. Many amenities, including shopping, eateries, grocery stores, and other conveniences are all a few short blocks away. And nestled in between are quaint neighborhoods and gorgeous Seattle homes.

Between the hubbub of Broadway East and East Madison Street, are small, tight-knit neighborhoods that wrestle between the city and Seattle’s “suburb”. Easy streets surrounding 15th Avenue East and 19th Avenue East find an easy compromise in all of Seattle’s conveniences and the quiet lifestyle many enjoy.

These quiet streets are easy to walk and move around and find what you’re searching for. With yoga studios, several grocery stores, a shoe repair shop, beauty boutiques, and flower shop offer many of life’s essentials; while numerous local eateries could keep you sated every day!

These fabulous eateries and cafes are fabulous for any time of day!

Star your morning off right with Victrola Coffee Roasters. They’re in their 17th year of production and enjoy their little, 15th Avenue neighborhood! Seeing a need in their community for a local and unique hub for meetups and gatherings, the Victrola Café was born! Enjoy their premium roasts and home-like comforts.

Another coffee-lover’s favorite: Café Ladro. While their first store opened back in 1994, their intimate vibe and local specials haven’t changed. As a pioneer of sustainable harvesting and ethically produced goods, they’ve always set the bar high. Their newest division, Ladro Roasting, articulates that on a whole new level.

As far as breakfast goes (and lunch and dinner) the Wandering Goose may be one of the best options in the neighborhood! From Veggie Hash to “Aunt Annie’s” favorite, this café boasts the tincture of warmth and invitation. Their Southern inspired menu adds color and community to every meal.

Or perhaps you’re looking for something light? Although Bakery Nouveau usually has a line out the door, I suggest giving them a try (or two!) Their delicately baked daily goods are award winning, and regularly picked as “best in Seattle”.

Another delicious endeavor comes to you through Ada’s Technical Books and Café. Where bookstore meets community, this amazing staple offers a never-ending learning experience. This café is expertly designed to suite the everyday knowledge seeker. Has Ada’s peaked your curiosity yet?

Nuflours Bakery boasts a “BIG” impact on our local, Seattle community. With a methodology including high-quality and locally sourced ingredients, naturally gluten-free recipes, and bakery innovation at its finest, this not-so-small bakery has a lot going for it!

Located on 15th Avenue, Coastal Kitchen is a local go-to for seafood and unique eats. Though their popular for breakfast, they offer a mean dinner menu, too! Their culturally diverse and tasty menu, spans across the sea and land!

Whether you’re searching for dinner of brunch, Contadino has a beautiful menu to choose from. Though traditionally a pizzeria, their brunch menu encompasses family-favorites, such as waffles, egg sandwiches, a their “Farmer’s Breakfast”. If you’re looking for something heartier, their dinner menu comprises pastas, pizzas, vegetable, seafood, and raw/cured items. Don’t forget dessert, with Washington strawberries and shortbread, or their pistachio gelato!

Lunch and dinner prove delightful ways to catch up and enjoy the conversation. Plum Bistro quotes themselves as representing a new turn in food and industry. By making delicious foods and incorporating their belief of preservation and low-footprint business, they’re able to create a locally-sourced and organic eatery for all!

This unique dinner extravaganza, offers modern blends to traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Coupled with Pacific Northwest innovation, Monsoon’s menu includes fresh ingredients, unique styles, original designs. Their menu draws from Chinese and European cooking, in addition to Vietnamese tradition, setting them apart from other eateries.

Another local pizza hub, includes Olympia Pizza III. Run like a family, their guest list includes many first-name-basis regulars and a slew of local curiosity. Hearty fare and delicious foods brought people coming back for more (and more!) and keeping them a Capitol Hill go-to since 1989.

Feeling like a cookie for dessert? Hello Robin has some of the highest-rated cookies in the industry. Her award-winning cookies spurred from a simple text message and have made history in their wake. Since its opening in 2013, this little bakery has become a Capitol Hill destination spot for all things cookies and ice cream sandwiches.

What are you searching for? A hearty meal or light fare to get you through your break, neighborhood jaunt, or cramming session? This area has plenty of options for a friendly conversation for get-together. Which is your favorite?

And when your stuffed full, you’re only a few short blocks away from Volunteer Park or Miller Playfield & Sport Courts.

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