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3 Recreation-Heavy Parks in Renton, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is known for many things – astounding beauty being one of them. Though Renton has seen tons of development since the turn of the century, there are still plenty of parks and outdoor spaces to indulge in.

The Cedar River Park is more than just the 23-acre green space it appears to be. Across the Cedar River is the Cedar River Trail and the Cedar River Trail Off Leash Area. Situated along the Maple Valley Highway, it features a massive infrastructure of recreation, including the Renton Community Center, Carco Theater, and the Henry Moses Aquatic Center.

The Off-Leash Dog Park is a huge feature for dog lovers in the south end, which offers 4-acres of fenced, off-leash area for pups. There’s even a smaller section for shy and/or small dogs. Though linked, it is separate and ready for your dog to enjoy!

Resting along the banks of the Cedar River is the Cedar River Trail. This 15.7-mile trail is comprised of primarily gravel and asphalt, making it great for walks, runs, and bicyclists. You could even use it for equestrian riding and inline skating. This trail follows the river from Renton’s historic district and towards Landsburg Park, passing Big Ben Natural Area Park, Royal Arch Park, the Cedar Grove Natural Area, and a further extension of the Cedar River Park, near the golf courses.

Right across from the Cedar River Trail and Parks it Renton’s Liberty Park. As one of Renton’s oldest and most distinguished parks, Liberty Park plays host to various summer festivals and fairs, as well as their main playfield area. Renton’s Renton River Days celebration is held here annually.

A stone’s throw from the treasured Renton Library, Liberty Park offers tons in terms of recreation, including the Liberty Skatepark, three tennis courts, two baseball diamonds, play equipment, and baseball courts. Much of the park is equipped with lights for evening play and is ADA accessible. Enjoy a picnic, a lounge on the lush, green grassy, or a game from the fields’ bleachers.

Along the shores of Lake Washington is Renton’s beach park, Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. Known locally as Coulon Beach, this park offers eight boat-launch lanes and a summer swimming area. With 1.5-miles of path, you can walk along the water until the sun sets over the horizon or enjoy a picnic in the summer sun. Additionally, the park offers a fishing pier, two tennis courts, two sanded volleyball courts, playground equipment, and horseshoe pits.

Whether you enjoy wooded retreats, or sporty fun, Renton has plenty to offer! What are your favorite parks in Renton and what makes them so enticing? Share below!

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