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11 Eats Along Kirkland, Washington’s Waterfront Oasis

A stroll down Central Way, in Kirkland, is unique. A casual blend between the old and new, Kirkland has seen a population boom since 2010, growing 80% between 2010 and 2016. In response to their rapid growth, they’ve expanded their downtown district with many newer condominiums and apartment complexes, accommodating their staggering numbers.

Because of their growth, they’ve surpassed other neighboring cities, such as Redmond, Bothell, Woodinville, and Kenmore.

In addition to beautiful homes, what else has been growing in Kirkland?

A boom in growth, usually demands a boom in other areas. Two areas one loves indulging in are restaurants and shopping. These local eats are a splendid example of Kirkland’s opportunities!

Thai Isarn Soul Kitchen has two locations. A newly opened location in Lynnwood, Washington and their flagship along the waterfront of Kirkland. With a rustic atmosphere, they combine Thai classics, with a love of beauty and display. Better yet, they offer gluten-free and vegetarian options!

The Milagro Cantina brings Mexican cuisine to Kirkland. The sight, sounds and aromas come alive inside this dimly lit cantina. With options galore, this fusion-style restaurant, offers variety with a specific Southern palate.

Searching for some seafood? Many of Anthony’s Restaurants offers the freshest variety, backed by family-friendly traditions for a uniquely local and seasonal experience. While their menu may change with the seasons, rest assured your food is top-notch quality with the sole purpose of exceeding your expectations!

Another unique restraint, Lynn’s Bistro offers a French experience in the heart of the Downtown Kirkland. Comprised of distinct fusions derived from Asian and French cuisine, this one-of-a-kind bistro offers signature delights, local favorites, and family classics!

Specializing in traditional south-Indian dishes, Dakshin South Indian Bistro offers a traditional experience bursting with unique flavors. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a full-service dinner, Dakshin South Indian Bistro has simple or elaborate dishes that fit your needs.

Beijing O’Chef offers all your favorite dishes in an open and simple environment. Each dish uniquely spiced, they offer delicious and healthy options for all to enjoy!

Crafted with both freshness and our changing seasons in mind, the Trellis Restaurant, offers a delicious experience that enthuses your taste buds. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or just sharing with your best friend, the Trellis has delightful options in a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

Bold flavors and innovation combine, creating Volterra in Kirkland. This Tuscan-inspired menu uses the “best local and imported ingredients” to ensure highest quality and traditional recipes. Acclaimed with numerous accolades, Volterra’s noted as one of “America’s Top Restaurants” by Zagat and the “city’s toughest reservation” by Bon Appetit.

A revered neighborhood hub, George’s in Kirkland continues their 40-year tradition of classic comfort foods, fresh ingredients, and a friendly atmosphere. The family-friendly establishments made its mark with their award-winning breakfasts, and are noted as a “great find in a Seattle suburb!”

This family-owned, French-style bakery offers sweet, savory, and everything in between! Aura Bakery delivers a warm and inviting atmosphere for gatherings or meetings. With an expansive pastry and lunch menu, they’ve everything from omelets, sandwiches, and your favorite design of crepe!

The Wild Rover is a relatively new restaurant, established in 2006. Started as a hub for good food, great conversation, and local music, Wild Rover has created a unique bridge between “passion, integrity, and technique.” Their expansive menu offers lunch and dinner options, with a wide array of meat and vegetarian delights.

What are your Kirkland favorites? Where do you enjoy lazy Sundays, last-minute weeknight dinners, or weekend brunch?

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