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7 Famous Breakfast Places Hidden in Seattle Neighborhoods

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day, right? It’s at least the first meal of the and usually eaten in the morning. However, one shouldn’t let that guideline hinder your ability to eat “breakfast” anytime of the day (or night!) Largely regarded as protein and carbohydrate heavy meal, breakfast is a favorite many.

Below are some of sleepy Seattle’s favorite places to dine-out for breakfast!

Musically drive, Easy Street Records and Café offers breakfast alongside records of every era. Cool and casual, this small café is a local favorite and regularly has a wait to be seated. In the heart of West Seattle, off California Avenue, this ideally located hotspot is great for West Seattleites and travelers.

The Portage Bay Café, located in the University District, is a great example of Americana favorites, mixed local seafood delights. Local, organic, and sustainable, this place offers all day brunch on the weekends. Check out their SLU and Ballard locations for more awesome options!

In the heart of Pioneer Square, the Planet Java Diner takes you back to the traditional, American diner. Large portions and great prices have kept regulars and visitors coming back for more! With hundreds of great reviews, this 50’s diner is an excellent place to check out!

Near the Fremont Troll is another hidden feature: The Stone Way Café. A highly regarded, local favorite, this humble, family owned shop offers the finest quality, handcrafted coffee beverages, and relaxing, Seattle vibes. From waffled and frittata, to a Cajun benedict and muffuletta, this café has variety and fun!

At the entrance of West Seattle is a little diner, with an even tinier parking lot. The Luna Park Café is constantly busy and their food is both unique atmospherically killer. With tons of options, you’ll find this a great place for breakfast-all-day, every day.

You’ve probably heard of Macrina Bakery, or at least bought a pastry at one of the thousands of local shops and cafes that offer their delights. Backed by numerous accolades, the Macrina Bakery add flavor to your day, and freshly baked goods are “to die for” (noted a fan.)

Our last “Breakfast in Seattle” highlight, is Beth’s Café. This unique, local landmark is a gem of its own. Though not the most visually pleasing, their known for their huge portions, decent prices, and their 24-hour dining experiences. With its quirks, it completely epitomizes the Seattle vibe.

And what do all these cafes and bunch bars have in common? Besides ridiculous good eats and highly regarded ratings!

What are you favorite Seattle breakfast hubs?

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