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Top 6 Coffee Shops in Downtown, Seattle

What are some of your favorite, morning beverage type? If you said coffee, then you’re in the right spot! Stolen away and hidden among the locals are fabulous cafes and boutique coffee shops to try…

Seattle is well-known for its local of boutique and fair-trade coffee, but where to choose? Regardless of what you’re searching for – a casual drip coffee or an elaborate mocha – Seattle never lets us down!

Caffe Vita offers signature blends and single origin options, backed by an independent and locally-owned roastery and retail spot. As Farm-Direct pioneers, they meticulously research and evaluate each bean source and strive to create coffee that develops and reaches every taste bud!

Another family-owned, Seattle coffee house, the Cherry Street Coffee House has been a community hub since 1997. Now, with 10 locations, they’ve created a welcoming and diverse environment of coffee and breakfast sandwiches.

Storyville Coffee started as a radical dream that finally met reality. A Seattle-based specialty coffee company, Storyville has four shops to help pursue their passion and mission. By combining their loves, passions, and ultimate mission, this company has made a sound footprint on hearts around Seattle.

Partnered with Lighthouse Roasters, VoxxCoffee offers a high-quality espresso coupled with the finest machines and manual presses. Not only quality, but consistency is another reason Voxx harbors excellent reviews and numerous regulars. Check out their other local offerings, including fresh-baked pastries, sandwiches, and breakfast wraps, plus they’ve gluten-free options!

Café Ladro and Ladro Roasting proves another compelling option for Seattleites in Downtown. With over 20 years’ experience, this local coffeeshop creates an intimate vibe in 15 local locations. With their signature friendly atmosphere, they create community every cup!

No Seattle coffee list if complete without an reference of Seattle Coffee Works. Offering a variety of brewing methods, each location is unique in both atmosphere and brew. Both their “Slow Bar” and Espresso Bar are hosted by expert and well-trained baristas, who share the passion and innovation that first sparked the “Seattle Coffee Works” vision.

What are your favorite local places to visit while Downtown, Seattle?


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