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5 Must-Dos for you Fall Passion-Finding List in Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue is a town of beauty, and we all get to indulge in its treasures. With the rainy season coming on strong, we’re almost out of options for fun, right? WRONG!

Throughout the Pacific Northwest, we’ve a plethora of options to indulge your favorite hobbies, even during the seasonal thunder showers. Whether you usually are a winter shut-in or a social butterfly there’s always a way to have fun – even with the weather drizzling outside!

Shopping remains a beloved pastime in our culture, and Bellevue offers plenty of options to do just that. While the Bellevue Collection and Bellevue Square Mall reign supreme, Bellevue also has the Marketplace at Factoria, otherwise known as Factoria Mall, Crossroads Mall, and the Overlake Fashion Plaza and surrounding shopping arena. Even if your window shopping, the extra walking along can increase cardiovascular health.

If you’re into extreme sports – or even the idea of them – you should check out Stone Gardens. With over 21,000 square feet of climbing terrain that’s change regularly, you’ll never run out of new paths to climb. Belay and rappel ledges, plus an amazing and interactive kids’ area, complete this rainy-season activity! It’s exercise with all the fun! Their rates are pretty reasonable, and you can snag discounts for buying a membership. If you’re new or tentative, they even have classes!

If you’re searching for something less… extreme, check out an indoor yoga class – or whatever type of exercise sparks your fancy!

Grab a book from the library, or buy one from Half Price Books at Crossroads Mall. Reading during the summer season is just as important as reading through the rest of the year and these two options make the hobby affordable, or even free! Can’t you just see it? Curling up in front of a blazing fire, with a throw blanket and good book?

Maybe you enjoy crafting stories, versus reading about them? Take this November and participate in NaNoRiMo!

Check out the local museums. The Bellevue Art Museum is a fantastic place to explore your own creativity – even by looking at others. The museum’s mission is “guided by the belief that craft and design are essential to the conversation on art and are equally transformative.” What do you think? From their unique architecture to the insides that make them a go-to destination, the Bellevue Art Museum is a great place to spend any day!

Clock some volunteering hours at the Bellevue Youth Theatre or Seattle Humane Society. Not only does volunteering offers great life, social, and industry skills, but you could find a new hobby or passion you’d never experienced before! Add it to your resume or college application and you’ve just found two more ways volunteer is beneficial to you!

But, volunteering is about what you can get out of it, it’s about finding a passion and giving back. Whether its puppies, children, or another cause you believe in, find something that speaks to you and you’ll make the greatest difference to a ton of people and animals!

These five things are our favorite go-to during the rainy season? What are yours?

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