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Haunted Houses this Weekend: October 14th & 15th

Another year and another Wild Waves hosted FrightFest! Rides in the night, haunted houses and toddler-aged activities open the doors for thrill-seekers to enjoy 25 rides in the dark!

Enjoy attractions such as Booville, the Chamber of Souls, the Play Ground Haunted House and Camp Whispering Pines. Located in Kiddie Land, Boovile is both kid friendly and filled with high-octane fun! Craft stations, carnival style games and a nightly dance-a-long are all things to look forward to while your visiting!

Need something a little more “Nightmare on Elm Street”? The Chamber of Souls offers a traditional “haunted house” experience, complete with bone-chill gouls, the drip-drip of blood, and gore. Though only PG-13, they don’t suggest it to the “faint of heart”.

Another gory attraction includes Camp Whispering Pines, indulging in the nuance that every camp has its own, personal story – and this one includes slaughter campers, haunted trails, and the tortured souls of camp counselors past and present.

Slower speed? The 3D Play Ground, where guests utilize 3D glasses and make their way through a black light haunted funhouse. Creepy carnies and clowns give it a conventional feel, but you’ll find enjoyment nestled near Lumberjack Falls!

DATES: September 29th through October 29th, Friday through Sunday
WHEN: 36201 Enchanted Parkway South, Federal Way
Curious how to get there? TICKETS!

This October-long event is filled with fun, excitement and many spooky endeavors. What are you planning for this weekend?

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