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November 17th Seattle Area Housing Report

Windermere Mercer Island

You’ve been looking in {South Bellevue} for a while now and the market is just plain crazy. Being the savvy buyer you are, you and your broker are watching the weekly stats like a hawk.

Then, low and behold, you notice the market changes from Strongly Favors Sellers to Favors Sellers in your price segment. A potential opportunity to swoop in? Maybe. The indicator warrants taking a closer look and deciding if this is the right time to take a leap. One thing you’ll know for certain, most of the buyers out there are still reading last September’s news while you are actively monitoring the pulse of the market. If I were a gambler, my odds would be on you!

Why a weekly report you might ask? Tracking weekly activity captures trends that occur at the neighborhood and price point level before they reach mainstream data sources.

While monthly data provides a nice historical look-back, its nearly two months’ old just prior to each release. If you’re a buyer or a seller in this frenzied market you know first-hand just how important real-time data is in giving you a competitive edge.

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