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A Time for Giving… Local Charities Who Would LOVE Your Help & Different Ways to Donate

We here at are all about giving back to the community and supporting throughout the year, but the times of holiday cheer are often the most needed times for volunteers, food, and other items for people who might not have the means. It’s also getting cold especially early this year, and any weather-resistant outerwear you could donate would very much be appreciated.

Outside of the organizations and communities we volunteer at and donate to, it’s just the tip of the iceberg for local places. The awesome list is from the quoted article below offers a ton of great resources – and we’re offering some ways to offer support!

Fulfill someone’s wish list: Tons of people have created wish lists through organizations, like HopeLink, YouthCare, Seattle Children’s and Toys for Tots. Oftentimes, toys and electronics aren’t the only thing on people’s wishlists; things such as hygiene products, bedding, clothes and hearty shoes are also on the list. You may even consider a gift card to a grocery store!

Host a food/clothing/etc. drive: Have an event coming up? Or just want to get involved? Host a drive and offer to pick things up. Better yet – partner with a local business and make that the drop-off site!

Volunteer throughout the year: It’s no secret that Thanksgiving and the following month of December show a massive influx of volunteers, filling many volunteer organizations to volunteer capacity. Tons of local organizations, including the Salvation Army, Community Lunch of Capitol Hill, the Jubilee Woman’s Center, the dozen or so included in the linked list below, and countless more amazing places around Seattle.

The Seattle Times has made their own list of tips for “making the most of holiday charitable giving,” so make sure to check it out – and remember, even if you aren’t able to donate monetarily, you may consider carving out one day a year to volunteer! Happy Season!

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