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Endless Options: DIY Gifts for the Season

Backet Gift.pngRegardless as to why you’re gifting, giving during the wintery seasons is simply fun, but do we really need to spend twenty hours at the mall this year sifting through hangers?

No, I didn’t think so.

We’ve compiled a list of awesome DIY gifts that fit nearly any occasion.

These ANYTIME GIFTS are great for anybody. From holiday baking, spa days, and coffee fanatics, this DIY anytime inspiration has you covered!


Mason Jar Gifts.png

Want to get someone a little bit of everything? This is like the ANYTIME Gifts above, but in a mason jar!


Bath Bombs are all the rage – and some are terribly expensive! Check out these DIY bombs for pennies on the dollar – and prove a fun project!

Themed candle ideas are often a big hit – and if you’re feeling particularly crafty, try carving it like the pros (or just add stickers and googly eyes, like the rest of us!)

Bath Bombs.png

Adding personal touches (names, numbers, designs, etc.) to a coffee mug or flower pot are great for friends and family – or even yourself!


Have a holiday gift exchange coming up, and haven’t a clue of what to get? You could always do the old-standby (Starbucks gift card), or you could consider one of these ideas!

See? Even with the holidays around the corner, there’s no need to break the bank – or your savings account – to offer delightful gifts to friends and family!

What are your favorite things to make for the loved ones in your life? Do you have classic standbys, or do you enjoy mixing it up year after year? Share in the comments!


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