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6 Easy Ways You Can Boost Productivity During Your Lengthy Seattle Commute

Commuting can be the dread of the morning, and sometimes the reason we need that third cup of coffee before noon, but have you realized you could be using those precious moments to enlighten your day!

According to an October 2017, GeekWire article, Seattle has the sixth longest average commute time, at 54.22 minutes – and, believe it or not, that number has actually reduced from an earlier February figure from King5. Though we’re still behind cities like Washington, CD, San Francisco, CA and New York, NY, the figure in minutes is only about a 6-minute difference. According to that same article, however, Seattle falls to number 17 in commute-related stress.

Read the article at (click here for a quick link).

We’ve compiled a list to boost your morning and increase productivity throughout the day.

Plan your day. You might think your day is already planned, or that you don’t have any control, but whether it’s job-related or not, you can always plan ahead to use yoru future time for efficiently. Using a physical or digital planner can also help you get your thoughts in order (but, remember not to use while driving!)

Listen to a podcast, new update, or audiobook. This proves a great use of time, in lieu of simply turning the dial to a local music station (or maybe that’s your thing!) And apps like Google Play, Audible, Soundcloud and iTunes make these just a click away. You can catch up on your to-be-read list or learn something new during your 54-minute (average) commute. This also goes for things like webinars, teleconferences, etc.

Read a book, newspaper, or magazine. Take public transportation and don’t have to pay attention to the street? This is a great time to catch up on your to-be-read list (see above). After a long day of work, we sometimes don’t want to come home and read – we just want to go to sleep – so, fitting it in here gets “your read on” and makes this semi-work time not so work-y! You can also catch up on your extensive bookmark list!

Create your daily to-do list and get caught up on your email. If you don’t have to worry about other drivers, you have two free hands to get your day in order from the get. Tons of apps, like TRELLO, enable you to create teams, projects, boards, and checklists to optimize your time. This is another great way to keep your goals in the forefront.

Make is a social morning. Catching up on social media may not be for everyone, but if you’re one who enjoys staying up to date in your friends and family’s lives, then this drive-free commute time is the way to do it! You can also take this time to connect with your friends, family and children!

Get your daily workout in. Don’t live too far? Try walking or biking to increase your morning productivity levels. Not only will you be getting in your daily steps and exercise, but studies have proven that the faster you get outside and in the sun (umm… Seattle?) the more energy you feel throughout the day.

These six ideas should definitely get you started on a more prolific track! Have any other ideas? Add them in the comments!

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