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5 Luxury Home Trends to Look for in 2018

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The new year has come and gone – but what trends are staying, and which are we leaving behind? 2018 will prove a year of infinite possibilities, both in life, business, and personal passions. So, what here to stay?

MIXED METALS offer texture, tone, dimension, and the subtle sheen of light refraction. Why are mixed metals totally hot? They can offer a warm or cooling effect, and keep you home sleek, modern, and ultra-trendy.

BOLD COLORS on doors, gates, and kitchen cabinets can add an extra layer of flair. Add drama or brighten and cheer up your home with statement colors – and don’t stop there. Some designers are suggesting

NATURAL WOOD is still in! Which we’re glad to hear, of course. Natural, woodland beauty opens spaces, adding light and texture to what may otherwise be a dull or cold area. Designers suggest adding layers of wood tones, starting with a warm, light wood, with medium-tone or darker-toned accents to refresh and add depth.

SMART UPGRADES will continue to thrive, especially with technology like Amazon and Nest products continuing to make waves in the industry. Other areas of ultra-advanced areas include kitchen appliances, hands-free faucets, and outdoorsy auto-maintenance.

GO GREEN and become obsessed with indoor plants – even easy-to-keep ones, like succulents, can add an extra and natural layer to your home décor. Multi-colored and textured plants can bring colors into your home, and even add to the room’s existing color palette – and there are many directions you can go in!

We can definitely say that luxury trends will continue to thrive in the new year, including things like spa-inspired bathrooms and designer accents, but that isn’t all. An old, Japanese tradition, known as wabi-sabi, will growth right alongside.

The Japanese worldview that celebrates imperfection is expected to be hot in the home décor space in the coming year.

Wabi-sabi is an elegant, yet sparse design emphasizing each home’s imperfections. This ideal emphasized keeping your home real, authentic, and recognizing it doesn’t always have to be “showroom-ready.”

So, what trends are we leaving behind? Well, we don’t like to dwell on the negative, so we’ll leave a link below about trends staying in the previous year.

A new year inevitably ushers in new styles in interior design, and that means that we’re leaving certain trends in the past. To keep your home looking timeless in the new year, we’re sharing our predictions for the interior design trends that are “out” in 2018. Check out the entire article here.


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