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How Does Remodeling Impact Your Home Sale in Seattle?


I think we all get that remodel itch around this time of year. Whether it’s the presumption of an early Spring or the thought of another year with the same, pink walls, I don’t know; but, I do know that all home remodels are not treated equally, in terms of cost recouped during a resale – and if you’re looking to remodel to sell, these tidbits might offer you some bang for your buck!

A few key takeaways we learned from this report are:

  1. Exterior “curb appeal” improvements generally pack a bigger payback than interior projects
  2. Inexpensive improvements are easier to recoup than pricier remodeling projects
  3. Replacement projects usually net more than remodeling/expansion projects—which may explain the relatively low returns on kitchen and bath remodels/additions (as well as the simple fact that tastes vary widely from one buyer to the next)

For the full Seattle report on all 21 projects, including project descriptions and scope, click here!

Cost vs. Value for Midrange Projects in Seattle

Cost vs. Value for Upscale Projects in Seattle

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