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4 of Washington’s BEST Root Beer Companies

Seattle is known for many things, the Seattle Space Needle, an overabundance of breweries, and a bunch of delicious and as-homemade-as-made-can-be root beer companies. Touted as a North American soft drink, the beverage was originally touted for its medicinal uses, since its main ingredient, sarsaparilla, is known for its anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties.

Today however, the world enjoys root beer as a recreational beverage, with hundreds, if not thousands, of variations and companies that produce their own distinct flavors across the world, and today we’re sharing our favorite and Washington local root beer beverage proprietors!

The Snoqualmie Brewery offers a nonalcoholic root beer to go along with their other adult beverages. Made with “REAL vanilla extract, REAL cane sugar (no High Fructose Corn Syrup), and LOTS of honey,” they offer a delightful refreshment with a rich and zingy taste.

Born in Port Angeles but raised in Seattle, Bedford’s Craft Soda has offered a variety of yummy beverages since 1984, including their Bedford’s Root Beer which boasts a robust and natural flavor. Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer is another local and lovable beverage from Mukilteo, Washington. As one might suspect, this root beer offers two distinct palettes: one being the natural sarsaparilla and the other being a creamy caramel. As part of Orca Beverages, both root beers are available throughout Washington and the United States.

Though it was sold in 2007 to a Portland, Oregon based company, Adventure Funds, Thomas Kemper Soda Co. originated in Washington in 1990. The brand owns eight flavors, including their root and birch beers, which offer handcrafted flavor, made with honey and Madagascar vanilla.

Now, you might be curious where you might find these, because one can rarely find them on their local grocery shelves. That’s probably because many large grocers don’t carry them, but don’t fret – there are many local places that do, one of which is the Root Beer Store.

Do you have a favorite, local root beer that we overlooked? Share it with us!


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