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City of Mercer Island to Launch NEW Rideshare Pilot Program

In March, the City of Mercer Island unanimously voted to launch a pilot ridesharing program to help Island commuters to travel from home to their off-island jobs. By partnering with established rideshare providers, Lyft and Uber, the City of Mercer Island hopes to relieve some of the traffic Islanders have experienced since the Light Rail project began.

To begin on April 23rd, this 6-month long program will open transit options and access to the Mercer Island Park & Ride without the need to drive a personal vehicle. As traffic pressures “mount, all 447 stalls [at the Mercer Island Park & Ride] now fill by 7:00am on most weekdays, forcing many Islanders” to drive into nearby cities instead.

By using funds from the October settlement with Sound Transit, the city will sponsor discounted rides on Mercer Island only, according to the following rate schedule:

  • Cost to each rider (months 1-3): Flat fee of $2 per ride
  • Cost to each rider (months 4-6): Flat fee of $2 per shared ride, $5 per solo ride

The service will be available Monday through Friday, 24 hours/day, and all rides must originate or terminate at the Park & Ride, located at 8000 North Mercer Way.

Please peek through the full news release here.

The City has committed on a continued search for other pilot mobility programs, such as bikeshare and carpooling services, so stay tuned into the city for more upcoming options!

To learn more about the Island’s commuter options available today, check out

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