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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Known for its unending beauty and majesty, the Pacific Northwest offers dozens of colorful and vivacious plants that are both full of life and excitement. But sometimes choosing the best ones can be a difficult decision… This week we’re sharing some of our favorite flowery foliage!

Sweet Peas are one of the most fragrant and bright of the bunch. Their lovely fragrance and trailing vines looks great along trellis, windowsills, and billowing out of a beautiful bouquet. Right now (early Spring) is the best time to plant these, so grab some bulbs, plant and enjoy!

Commonly referred to as “workhorse”, Zinnia are an array of shapes and sizes with different shades and colors and are great options for warming up and livening up any household.

The Dahlia is a low-maintenance perennial that comes in tons of different colors and textures. From low-yellows to deep hues of burgundy or violet, each variety has its own sense of beauty – so don’t be worried! Each varietal is bound to be fascinating.

If you’re looking for something low-maintenance and great for ground foliage, turn to Sword Ferns. It’s a Pacific Northwest staple and grows natively in the area, making it an easy grower. Though their “look” is rather consistent and green, they make a lovely addition to every garden!

Tall upright spires, Lupines are great for adding depth to your garden as they grow 3-feet tall and come in shades of blue, purple-pink, red, orange, yellow, and white. They’re drought-tolerant too – so if you forget to water them, they’ll usually survive!

Bleeding Hearts are a big favorite, especially the Pacific Bleeding Heart, which booms with pinkish-white flowers in late Spring. Keep them cool, out of direct sunlight, and moist and you’ll enjoy them through Summer and into Fall!

Excellent for ground-cover, the Broadleaf Sedum is tough, drought-tolerant, and offers “cheery” yellow flowers over leafy, green stems. They can be great for adding color along the base of your garden or for adding cheer to your rockery!

Another crowd favorite are Rhododendrons, which are shrubs and grow 6 – 8 feet in height, with hearty, flat leaves and clusters of cheerful, pink blossoms, though they’re also available in other shades, including orange and lavender.

So those are our favorite plants to create your bursting, backyard garden – though are tons of options we didn’t list (or else we’d be here all year!) If we didn’t list your favorite (or even if we did), what are they?


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