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Mercer Island’s Transportation Improvement Program

Are you familiar with the Transportation Improvement Program? Whether you have heard of it or not, we want to give you all the information we can! TIP is a six-year plan for roadway, pedestrian and bicycle projects. Required by state law, this program must be updated and adopted each year before July 1st, by elected officials.

The five categories of projects within the program include the Residential Street Preservation Program, Town Center Street Improvements, Arterial Street Improvements, New Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities and Miscellaneous Transportation Projects such as guardrails and pavement marking replacement. Every three years, the City of Mercer Island will conduct a survey to rate the condition of the streets on the Island. The results will allow the City to prioritize necessary maintenance and improvements. Evaluations will be based on criteria such as current pavement distresses, surface condition, base condition, drainage, and average daily traffic volume. The rankings found from the surveys will be paired with other planning considerations which will then be used to outline the six-year Transportation Improvement Program.

Between residential and arterial streets, the City of Mercer Island owns a total of 80 miles. Residential streets are resurfaced on a 35-year cycle whereas arterial streets with a higher volume of traffic are resurfaced on a 25-year cycle. To give you a better look into past years, take a glance at the History of Street Resurfacing map. To see the proposed roadway projects between 2018 and 2023, you can view this map.

Funding for the roadway projects come from state Real Estate Excise Taxes, fuel taxes, a Transportation Benefit District and miscellaneous transportation taxes and fees. Annually, TIP will distribute an average of $3.0 million.

For additional information, you can view the complete Project Descriptions for the six-year Transportation Improvement Program. We hope this helps you, as a resident, to know what to expect in regards to what is planned for the City of Mercer Island!

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