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21 Local Dogs Parks

Dog parks are as Seattle as coffee and Pike Place Market. They’re quintessential for our communities, and all the dogs (large and small) that live within them. Today, we’re celebrating our furry companions and focusing on 10 local dog parks to visit with your best friend!

Seattle Area Dog Parks

Northacres Off-Leash Dog AreaThis 1.6-acre area offers large open spaces, trails, shade, and trees, with benches and chairs for tuckered out humans. The nearby park also offers restrooms, play areas, playfields, and picnic areas for an afternoon snack!

Denny Park Off-Leash AreaLocated at Denny Park, this small, but useful area is perfect for urban dogs needing a good bit of exercise. Denny Park is Seattle’s oldest park, giving it a perfect array of mature trees and landscaping. You’ll find gravel ground at the dog park, which holds up year-round.

Golden Gardens Off-Leash AreaThis small, but mighty 1-acre dog park is situated just up from the waterfront Golden Gardens Park and is a popular destination for north end dogs. It’s a wide-open, oval-shaped area with wood chips for playing and running. Tables, benches, and a small covered area is a great sanctuary for rainy days.

Woodland Park Off-Leash AreaThis 1-acre area is sloped, but great for neighborhood – and visiting – dogs. A small and shy dog area was added in the first quarter of 2018.

Kinnear Park Off-Leash AreaAnother small park, but it serves its area well. The Kinnear Park Off-Leash Area is along a “relatively flat incline beneath a towering forest,” and offers trails connecting with the lower Kinnear Park, Myrtle Edwards, and Elliot Bay.

Magnolia Manor Park Off-Leash AreaLocated in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, this dog park has a large open space, with a “chuck it” game zone and doggy drinking fountain. Visitors will also enjoy spectacular views!

Magnuson Park Off-Leash AreaA behemoth in side, this 8.6 are dog park is generally flat and full-fenced – perfect for dogs to play and roam and explore the expansive space! A winding trail takes you through several open areas and the scenery changes will keep your furry friend from getting bored of the same-old, same-old. Most of the trails are comprised of compact gravel. There’s also an off-leash are for small and shy dogs within the large dog park.

I-5 Colonnade Off-Leash AreaThis half-acre dog park is located just north of downtown Seattle, on a steep slope under Interstate 5. It offers a crushed gravel surface with benches and water available for your visit. I-5 acts as built-in rain protection, so it’s a good park year-round.

Plymouth Pillars Off-Leash Area About .2 acres in size, this east of downtown dog park is long and narrow and offers views of downtown Seattle.

Regrade Park Off-Leash AreaLocated in the heart of downtown, this .3-acre dog park is enclosed by a 5-feet-tall fence and is closed by double “airlock” gates at each entrance, which is perfect for dogs’ gifts with the art of stealth and evasive maneuvers.

Dr. Jose Rizal Park Off-Leash AreaLocated just south of downtown, this Beacon Hill dog park offers 4 areas of perfect recreation area for dogs. Plus, some breathtaking views of the surrounding Puget Sound and Seattle Downtown skyline.

Blue Dog Pond Off-Leash AreaLocated in southeast Seattle, which 1.7 acres of space is wide and rectangular – making it the perfect place to play fetch until you pup is exhausted and ready for a good, long rest! Water redirection has made the park a good option during Seattle’s rainy season, too!

The Genesee Dog ParkThis 2.5-acre park is entirely fenced, and the entrance is secured by double gates. Though the outside fencing is grassy, the interior two acres is gravel, which makes doggie playtime during the rainy season (which is much of Seattle) and breeze! Dogs will also enjoy the doggie drinking fountain after a long, hard day at the park!

Westcrest Park Off-leash AreaAnother lager-sized dog park, this 8.4 area features a few different open spaces and paths, plus a doggy drinking fountain and trees. There is also benches and chairs for their human companions. There’s a separates area for small and shy dogs at the southwest side of the main area.

North-of-Seattle Area Dog Parks

Shoreview Off-Leash Dog ParkA great area for dogs and walkers. It’s a great place to watch and roam and let your furry friend do the same!

Lynndale Off-Leash Dog AreaThough located on a busy street, it’s a great location for an off-leash dog area, with a clean and well-maintained trails and open spaces.

Marina Beach Dog ParkThis large, waterfront dog park is perfect for water-loving doggos. The ground of made up of the natural sandy area, but there’s a few water spigots to clean off after a long day of play and fun!

Mountlake Terrace Off-Leash Dog ParkAbout three-quarters of an acre in size, this park is near the Terrace Creek Park and offers a fully-fenced, off-leash experience for your dog.

East-of-Seattle Area Dog Parks

Luther Burbank Off-Leash Dog ParkMercer Island’s off-leash dog park offers a well-sized open space. There’s a small space for small and shy dogs, but this is the perfect on-island adventure any dog would love to enjoy!

Robinswood Off-Leash Dog CorralOffering two fenced-in areas, this dog park is open from dawn to dusk and has a water spigot for thirsty pups after a long day of play.

Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Park Locally dubbed as Doggy Disneyland, the Marymoor Dog Park is 40-acres of off-leash fun. It’s a space where dogs can be dogs and enjoy endless areas to roam. With river access, they can take a dip in the water, or totally avoid it in one of several wide-open meadows. And trails (some marked, and some doggy-carved) connect all the spaces together!

Do you have a favorite dog park we didn’t highlight? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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