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Explore Bainbridge, Vashon & Whidbey Islands

Windermere Mercer Island

For many people, Washington is synonymous with the Puget Sound and all its surrounding beauty. The Pacific Northwest has made its stake for brilliant views and recreation, but many locals still find those perfect spots difficult to find. Have you ever searched for the perfect daytrip? Try these!

Starting in Seattle, watch the water glisten as you gaze eastbound towards West Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula beyond. Lush greens and stunning colors paint the sky a distinct shade of beauty presented by our protected forests and quiet tides of the Puget Sound.

Whether you’re along the waterfront or hanging out on the bluff of Discovery Park, the views are breathtaking.

Distant views from Bainbridge Island display an ever-changing Seattle cityscape and the bright, blue and green, Seahawks-inspired lights of the city. Though the view vastly differs from our previously discussed eastbound, this westbound view holds a different kind of beauty.

Clouded by the waters of the Puget Sound, Bainbridge’s quaint small-town feel is only a short ferry ride from the Seattle pier. If you’re interested in the day trip in either direction, both are ideal for day-trippers or weekend planners!

Noted as an idyllic Puget Sound getaway, Vashon Island is host to a plethora of beauty and fun! Touted as a day-tripper’s paradise, the area is known for unique, boutique shopping, gorgeous lighthouse picture opportunities, delightful gardens, and, you guessed it, a history in coffee.

Have you checked out their “bike in the tree”? Or their sustainable farming pioneer, Sea Breeze Farm? Regardless why you make the trek, this Puget Sound Island is also easily accessible from Seattle West Seattle ferry hub, otherwise known as the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal.

Whidbey Island proves another powerful contender for local vacationers. These rural islands are an excellent getaway from the hubbub of the city and are known for their panoramic beaches, picturesque vistas, open-air adventures, and thriving art and fine dining opportunities.

Only a short drive from downtown Seattle, you’ll find any of these key Puget Sound islands a breath of fresh air. Packed with things to do and places to see, these islands hold the classic beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the jostle of urban freedom.

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