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10 Of Our Favorite Redmond Restaurants

Similar to Seattle, Bellevue, and other nearby cities, local eateries saw a resurgence in past decades – and we’re sharing some of our favorites here! So, if you’re curious about some of Redmond’s best eats, read on!

Luxe Shopping at the Bravern in Bellevue

If you have an undying love of luxe in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve probably heard of the stylish and bustling destination hotspot in downtown Bellevue known as The Bravern.

15+ 10-Minute House Cleaning Tasks You Can Tackle This Week

Refreshing our homes is a weekly chore, but there are tons of things we can do on the day-to-day to keep our homes in tip-top functioning order; and if you’re anything like me you usually pick a day and binge-clean until your home is sparkling.