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Seattle Waterfront Report

Draft Marine Spatial Plan + Seattle Area Waterfront Report

A recent Draft Marine Spatial Plan for Washington’s Pacific Coast hopes to address potential new ocean uses such as offshore wind energy or offshore aquaculture that could adversely affect the marine waters along Washington’s Pacific Coast and their abundant natural resources.

4+ Beach Resorts Along Washington’s Coastline

We’re coming on the end of Fall, which means Spring is only a few short months away – and what better way to plan for Spring Break or Summer vacations than a few days along the Washington coastline?

8 of Our Favorite Restaurants in Renton, Washington

In ideally located Renton, Washington, you’ll find tons of new restaurants to try. Whether at the Renton Landing, perched in the Highlands, or hidden in a downtown, brick building, Renton offers a variety of cuisines to please the entire family.

Seattle Waterfront Report

Sea Level Rise Report + Seattle Area Waterfront Report

A recently released Sea Level Rise Report published by Washington State Department of Ecology (November 2017) explores how local jurisdictions in Washington currently addressing sea level rise using goals, policies, and regulations in their SMPs.

Mercer Island's January City Calendar

Fabulous things happen throughout the year – and sometimes we forget to look for them! Check out the Mercer Island city calendar to stay updated on local happenings!