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September 1st Seattle Area Housing Report

Ballard, Greenlake and North Seattle rocked the charts this week! Home buyers were back at it in force. With the Exception of West Bellevue and Woodinville, all Seattle area neighborhoods saw a decline in listing inventory coupled with an increase in pending sales. The coming week should bring a new surge of listing inventory, spurring on another strong round of pending sale activity.

August 18th Seattle Area Housing Report

A little cooling off can been seen in the market this week as we bring the latter part of August, and summer break, to a close and begin planning for back-to-school.

Windermere Mercer Island

August 11th Seattle Area Housing Report

This week will likely mark the last active listing week of August as buyers, sellers and agents enjoy the last bit of summer vacations and prep for back to school. The second half of August is a great time for buyers to find the tables turned in their favor.

Look for a rush of new listings to come to market in the week following Labor Day as we enter the second most active season of the year.

August 4th Seattle Area Housing Report

The week’s record heat dried up the Seattle region’s inventory of homes for sale right along with everything else. We can’t remember an August where the number of homes for sale was this low!

July 28th Seattle Area Housing Report

Followed by last week’s record sales, and fewer new listings to market, this week marked an even more extreme shortage of homes for sale-with most areas having far less than one month of inventory at their mainstream price points. What is left on the market is often tired or lacking desirable features. Turn-key homes are golden right now and we need more of them!

July 21st Seattle Area Housing Report

This week strongly favored sellers as fewer new listings came to market and more listings sold pending.
Click here for the full report and neighborhood-by-neighborhood statistics!

July 14th Seattle Area Housing Report

We’ve seen an eclectic week this week in the greater Seattle region with more affordable price points strongly favoring a seller’s market while upper price points have slowed a bit.

July 7th Seattle Area Housing Report

As anticipated, many new listings entered the market this week. Coupled with fewer holiday week sales, Seattle area real estate is slightly leaning in buyer’s favor this week…at least in upper price points. This is especially true with Downtown Seattle condos where all but the lowest price points are either balanced or buyer-friendly. 

June 30th Seattle Area Housing Report

Whoa Betsy! What’s happening in Ballard this week? Virtually zero month’s supply of inventory on the market for sale below $1.5 million!! Other areas fare better for buyers this week…but a low supply of homes for sale is prevalent throughout the region as we head into this holiday weekend. Look for some relief in the form of new listings by next weekend as homes come to market after the holiday lull.

June 23rd Seattle Area Housing Report

We’ve seen more listings come to market in the past week than during most weeks in April. That equates to more choices for buyers and possibly, just possibly, a little more balance (between buyers and sellers) in the market.

Windermere Mercer Island

June 16th Seattle Area Housing Report

The frenzied market of last week has certainly cooled to a more moderate pace. Sellers: not to worry-you’ll likely still have multiple offers-maybe just not 10 of them. Buyers: the second half of the year is your opportunity to shine with more homes for sale and fewer competing buyers than in the spring.

Windermere Mercer Island

June 9th Seattle Area Housing Report

The big winners this week were the Central and West Seattle neighborhoods and Downtown Bellevue condos-if you are a seller that is. For buyers-South Seattle, East Bellevue and Kirkland all had a nice jump in new listings to choose from.